2019 ISA World Longboard Championships Forecast

Updated: Thursday morning, 30th May (Local Time)

Brief Overview:  Small but consistent with good conditions at first, becoming more solid around Saturday afternoon and into Sunday morning, with wind conditions deteriorating on Sunday afternoon.


FRIDAY 31st: Surf: 2-3 ft then 3 ft; Wind: E 5-8 mph then NE 7-11 mph then E 4-6 mph
SWELL: Small, average-quality swell with a longer-period component that becomes more solid towards late evening.
WIND:  Light offshores from the E or NE


SATURDAY 1st: Surf: 2-3 ft then 4-5 ft later; Wind: N 3-4 mph then 7-8 mph then calm
SWELL: The small swell continues at first, good quality and picking up late afternoon as that long-period west swell arrives
WIND:  Light and variable most of the time with a light northerly breeze mid-afternoon


SUNDAY 2nd: Surf: 3-4 ft; Wind: N 3-4 mph then NW 11-14 mph then W 6-8 mph
SWELL: Levels out at around four feet and well lined-up for most of the day
WIND:  Light and variable at first but quickly picking up to moderate onshores from the northwest, backing west later and decreasing



The North Atlantic is currently showing a moderate sized low pressure mid-way between Newfoundland and Ireland, which has been deepening over the last few days but is now starting to weaken. A short fetch on its southern flank is generating a pulse of westerly swell, currently forecast to reach the contest area sometime late Saturday. A band of high pressure extends from the Azores to the Bay of Biscay, meaning light wind conditions over the contest area. This is expected to persist until Sunday when a new low just west of Ireland could generate some westerly winds in Biscay. Forecast reliability is good for the remainder of the contest period.